Elektrocerrahi Makinesi

  • kod: 671340

This machine is a radiofrequency electrosurgery unit like a knife that can cutting and coagulating the tissue without the destroying it.

SURGIUM CCM-60 is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit for minor monopolar in dental, dermatology and first aid. Surgium CCM-60 through the function selection makes pure cut, cut coagulation (blend), pure coagulation and micro coagulation possible. Digital controller and displays guarantees safety and reliability under any conditions.

- Two modes for cut. Two modes for coagulation.
- Two separated displays to indicate power of cut and coagulation mode.
- Cut and coagulation actuation via foot pedals or hand pencil buttons.
- CQM (Contact Quality Monitoring) system for neutral electrode contact with patient body.


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